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Highlands Plumbing Drainage and Gas, and our mission 

Here at highlands plumbing it is our mission to maintain industry leadership in customer service, and offer our employees and customers the safest work environment based on superior planning, industry knowledge & experience.

Our Core Business Activities

Construction and Mining

Drainage Installations, Maintenance, and Repair (Drain Cleaning)

Service locating and Hydrovac Extraction

Gas Installations, Maintenance, Repair and Gas Deliveries

Our Standard

Esperance: Highlands Plumbing Drainage and Gas is a locally managed and family operated plumbing business operating in the Bowen Basin for over 15 years, employing skilled and licensed tradespeople. Highlands Plumbing Drainage and Gas have an extensive and diverse background in the construction and mining industries, this clearly gives our business many advantages over our competitors. Highlands Plumbing Drainage and Gas offers a first times service where the project is completed to the highest standard the first time.


Efficiency: Highlands Plumbing Drainage and Gas is continuously researching new technologies to improve efficiency in the workplace. The environment is not forgotten during this process, cleaner alternatives are generally not only good for the environment but can most cases reduce operating cost as well.


Costing: Highlands Plumbing Drainage and Gas provides budget costing and quoting upon request. At Highlands Plumbing Drainage and Gas, we understand that project planning may take 12 months or longer to pass from Pre-Feasibility to issuing the completed Scope of Works, Highlands Plumbing Drainage and Gas offer in most case free budget costing and project advice for our clients.


Professionalism: When a Highlands Plumbing Drainage and Gas employee arrives on-site, they are easily recognized by their uniform. A Highlands Plumbing Drainage and Gas employee have their name and the business logo present on the uniform offering visual identification. Once on site Highlands Plumbing Drainage and Gas will complete the agreed work, including the cleanup of the worksite to an acceptable standard. Recyclable materials that are retrieved from your project are then disposed of correctly contributing to a cleaner environment.

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